1998 Klein Pulse

Too Good To Pass Up: Klein Pulse

When you’re not looking for one, sometimes a great bike just finds you. I must’ve been aimlessly browsing through the new posts in the “bikes” section on the local seller’s website, and saw this beauty. After figuring out that 1) I liked the Bianchi Sprint 76 too much to use it as a city commuter,

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Cannondale For Katherina

If Katherina was to ever get out on a bike and do some recreational riding in France, I decided a great way to get her started would be to build her a bike in Dublin and start getting her acquainted with being on two wheels. Having done pretty much all I wanted to the Colnago

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Enjoy It While You Can

  BÉDARIEUX, FRANCE — A quick beer won’t help you go uphill faster, but it really tastes nice in the late afternoon after a long ride. Simon “Crusher” Coulshaw, complaining of allergies and not being out on the bike for two weeks, dutifully led me up and down the hills west of Faugères. With more

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31 Beziers And Windy

FAUGÈRES, FRANCE — Having been on the Bianchi only one time since arriving – and that one time getting walloped by the new-to-me heat of southern France on a “gentle” 42km spin (as described by Simon “Crusher” Coulshaw of Domaine des Trinites) – I decided to inflict just a small amount of pain upon myself

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